March 29: Game 2 – The Comeback Kids

As the A’s continued game 2, they came alive.

“Please watch out for batted balls.” A sign of things to come.

The crowd starts “the wave,” possibly invented at an Oakland A’s game by “Krazy” George Henderson in 1981.

Coco Crisp draws some attention at first base. He’s forced at second on a Kurt Suzuki grounder with Suzuki then at first base. But perhaps the distraction was done…

…as the next batter, Yoenis Cespedes, hits a two-run bomb for his first career home run in the Major Leagues.

Scoring in front of Cespedes is Suzuki, who congratulates him at home.

Suzuki is all smiles for his teammate.

With the A’s up 2-1, the rest of the team congratulates Cespedes in the dugout.

Following a Seattle pitching change, Josh Reddick makes it back-to-back home runs with a solo shot.

An inning later, Jonny Gomes hits his first home run of the season to extend the A’s lead to 4-1.

The view of the dugout as Grant Balfour enters the game to close it out for the A’s.

Balfour pitches a 1-2-3 inning.

The A’s go on to victory for their first win of the 2012 Major League Baseball season.

The A’s head back to the clubhouse to prepare for a flight…

…but not before Bartolo Colon and Yoenis Cespedes are interviewed as the players of the game. There is a lot of translation occurring as the Spanish speaking ballplayers are asked a question in Japanese, which is translated to English, which is then translated to Spanish by interpreter Ariel Prieto, answered in Spanish by the player, the answer recounted in English by Prieto, and finally translated to Japanese for the predominantly Japanese crowd.

Colon, as the winning pitcher, is given the “Fighting-Spirit Award.”

Cespedes, whose first career home run put the A’s ahead 2-1, is selected as the “Most Valuable Player” of the game.

Before leaving the Tokyo Dome field for the last time, our friends from yesterday are back with an updated message to Kurt Suzuki.

One final note about the Tokyo Dome. If able to visit, be sure to check out the Star Memorial Plate on the concourse…

…and the plaque for Oakland’s own MC Hammer.

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